It has been two weeks since I decided on exploring photography (and endeavoring into macro photography later on) and things are starting to get underway. The last two weeks have gone by very quickly, and unfortunately time has been short due to both me and my mentor being swamped by finals and finishing the semester.

So far, I have poured over my camera’s manual and learned all the functions. Obviously ignoring auto-mode, I am now confident in manual focus, Shutter-priority, Aperture-priority, and Manual modes. I have gone on a few walks where I have tested out the camera, taken some pictures, and just generally gained some familiarity. Something I have learned is you can’t just decide on the picture you want to take, take one shot and call it a day. So far I have easily taken 1000 photos just to gain confidence with the controls but I haven’t found any keepers yet.

Due to prior knowledge, I have learned how to use shutter speed, aperture, and exposure to alter the style of the photos. Next my mentor wants to teach me how to use these techniques to create specific styles of photos. I also want to learn how to use ISO, which so far I have had to rely on the automatic settings for.

I have just created my photography Instagram where I will be posting my best photos. Being a perfectionist, I am very shy in sharing my work with others, so this will force me to put my photos on public display and be able to receive feedback. My username is @rachaeltakesphotos, I would really appreciate a follow!

With regards to ‘How to Agree’ the guideline I incorporated was “acknowledge the value of someones special experience”. I am a very science and math oriented person, so I greatly admire artistic people. My mentor, Ms.Vittie, is very talented and extremely knowledgeable in photography and art as a whole, so I have a lot of respect for her. Because of this, our communication is very positive, and we usually agree. My mentor believes in encouraging students to connect with the teacher. When we discuss I try to see where her opinions are coming from to understand her side of the story, and I also share my thoughts so she can understand my side. To agree, I sought out ideas I had that my mentor shared.

Thus far, my mentor and I have rarely disagreed. She has so much more knowledge in photography then I do that I never disagree to show “how clever I am” because respect is important to have a good mentor relationship. When reading How to Have a Beautiful Mind, two guidelines stuck with me:

  • #1 – do not disagree for the sake of disagreeing, and
  • #11 – it is very important to challenge ‘certainty’ and suggest ‘possibility’ instead

When disagreeing, I questioned what my mentor said but did so politely and to reach further heights rather than reduce learning.

Moving on to ‘How to Differ’ Ms.Vittie and I haven’t really differed. If it were to happen, I would take it positively and try to understand why we are differing and how we can learn from it. My mentor said on her website: “True teachers are never satisfied with what they think they know; they are constantly looking at how to change a moment of knowing something into a moment of learning something—either by reflection or the pursuit of external knowledge”.

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