Beginning our classes endevour into 1500s-1800s Canada, we were each asked to find an interesting source that relates to our chosen topic. My groups topic is ‘Canada Under British Rule’.

Because of the many events that are happening at the time, I find this topic to be quite confusing. That is why my source is a BBC Timeline of Canada. You can find the source HERE. In this, the key events in Canada’s history are briefly decribed from 1497 all the way to 2012. This is very helpful to get an understanding of the cause and effect of the events and to see the overall narrative of Canada.

I found this section to be particularly useful with regards to my topic:

1756 – Seven Years’ War begins, between New France and the larger and economically-stronger British colonies. After early French successes, the settlement of Quebec falls in 1759 and the British advance on Montreal.

1763 – Under the Treaty of Paris, Britain acquires all French colonies east of the Mississippi including New France, which becomes the colony of Quebec.

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