Early 1866 – Montreal

Dear Journal,

I have to admit I am having a hard time right now. Not being at home is nothing new for me, as at age 13 I was given a scholarship to study priesthood here in Quebec. Everything was going well, I work hard and am always at the top of my class.

Then two years ago, my father died. I still mourn him everyday. I have always looked up to my father. He was a businessman and political leader in the Métis community. I still remember when he organized a large Métis resistance to the Hudson’s Bay Company when I was just five years old. I hope I can continue his legacy some day. In the months after his death I couldn’t bring myself to continue to study priesthood, so I withdrew from college last year.

I continued to stay in Quebec, and slowly life got better. Recently, I met a young French Canadian woman, Marie-Julie Guernon, and as soon as I met her I knew we were meant to be together. We became engaged and I was ecstatic!

But I just found out today that her parents refused to let her marry me. As if a Métis man is any less of a man?! We are being forced to break off our engagement. I can’t believe that I am losing her just because of our different races.

I can’t stand to stay here anymore. I want to leave and return to the Red River Settlement. I have been hearing rumors of some kind of union among the colonies. I can’t stay here and be separated from my people. I want to return and support the Métis community, and hopefully take my father’s place as a leader.

I have lost two people I love dearly, but maybe I can still do some good for the Métis.