March 1867 – Red River Settlement

I am so glad I decided to move back to the Red River Settlement. The rumors of a union between the British North American Colonies have become a reality. The representatives of the colonies held a conference in Charlottetown in 1864, and the idea was met with such approval they held another conference in Quebec to make more concrete plans. I think I can speak for all First Nations when I say that we are feel incredibly angry and betrayed that we were not invited to these conferences. We also share this land and deserve equal rights to be included in these conversations! Not just the Métis, but all First Nations people.

There is currently a conference in London for Confederation to become law. This is a time of great uncertainty here in the Red River Settlement. While it is good for the colonies to unite to defend against the United States, we do not know what it will mean for our people and our land.

What I know for sure, however, is that I will try my best to represent our people. I will defend our land and our culture even if it means leading rebellions against the Whites.

“You got to be brave and have courage, believe in yourself, because that is the first thing to success is believe in yourself.”

The Métis are currently organizing the Métis National Committee and I have been elected president. I became the leader because of my father’s leadership and I was considered as powerful as my own father. It is time for me to continue my father’s legacy and do my best for the Métis people and French Canadians.

“Deeds are not accomplished in a few days, or in a few hours. A century is only a spoke in the wheel of everlasting time.”