It’s already been an entire month since the last post and now that winter is finally leaving and the sun is coming out needless to say I am excited for spring photography. Since we’re now 60% through our projects and in-depth night is only two months away, I thought I would start this post by taking stock of where I am, what I have done so far and a general plan of where I want to go.

I am happy to say that I have followed the schedule I set in January and I am where I want to be. I have learned the technical skills such as shutter speed, aperture, exposure and ISO. I have also learned to use basic Photoshop skills to edit my photos, and as you will see in the project I completed below I also explored other Photoshop techniques. Finally, I also learned about the artistic side of photography, exploring composition techniques such as lines and the rule of thirds.

At this point, using Manual mode on my camera is second nature and I am fully confident in adjusting all the settings to get the effects I desire. I am also very confident in my ability to use the rule of thirds (which I discussed in previous posts) and create interesting photos with compelling composition.

Looking to the future, I now want to delve more into a specific aspect of photography. As the goal of in-depth states “learn something about everything and everything about something.” The aspect I have chosen to focus on is macro photography. Macro photography producing photographs of small items larger than life size. I have chosen this because so far into my project macro pictures are my favourite.

Macro photo that I took of fancy chocolates

Macro photography will also further develop my composition skills, and I find it very interesting to focus and present the small details. Even more specifically, now that it is spring I want to take macro photos of flowers. This is because I find flowers very beautiful and interesting, and focusing on one subject will increase my macro abilities.

Now onto my progress since the last post. Although I have been very busy balancing math, chemistry, and my trip to Bamfield, I am proud to say I have continued to make good progress!

First, I will follow up with my ‘little planet’ assignment that I discussed in the last post. After a lot of trial and error, and lots and lots and lots of photos, I created the photograph below:

Little Planet of Gleneagle Secondary!

I am actually really proud of how this turned out! I am especially proud of how the sky turned out because it is actually very difficult to make the sky look normal as it gets very warped through the editing process.

The other thing I mentioned in my last post was my photography trip to Harrison Hot Springs. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of time the little planet took I was not able to post-process them so I have decided to just post them unedited. You can also find these photos on my in-depth Tumblr here.

using the perpendicular viewpoint

As I talked about above, my next step is to experiment with macro photography, and I will be sharing my progress in the next post!

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