accompanying photograph – credits to Rick Hoppmann

I chose page 18 because it had many descriptive words and interesting phrases that I could incorporate into my poem. I decided to go with an abstract style for my poem, describing the journey of how the Golden Spruce came to be and how it was interpreted.

“abstract, wild, helpless and vulnerable in damp darkness” This begins our journey when the spruce was a small seed in a vast forest, ordinary and overlook-able with low chances for survival.

“the wonderful flaw strengthening its life” This refers to the spruce slowly growing and cementing its position in the forest.

“sunlight exposed the secret myth: spruce tree with golden needles” As the spruce becomes taller the sunlight shines down on it, exposing its unusual golden colour.

“the golden colour stood out from the infinity of trees” This describes humans distinguishing the tree as special and different and separating it from the generality of the forest.

“a human being had transformed” The Golden Spruce becomes a meaningful symbol to the Haida people and a threshold between the real and spiritual.

I chose the above accompanying photograph because it shows the Golden Spruce in its early days: an unnoticeable spruce cone down on the forest floor, dwarfed by the life surrounding it. However, the sunlight shining through the trees hints at the extraordinary secret it is hiding inside.