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Traditional Reconciliation vs. The “Western Way”

Prior Interests I’m really excited to be exploring First Nations in Canada’s history this semester. In all the socials classes I have taken so far, I have not had an opportunity to explore my own countries history. History of residential… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #2

It has been two weeks since I decided on exploring photography (and endeavoring into macro photography later on) and things are starting to get underway. The last two weeks have gone by very quickly, and unfortunately time has been short… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #1

It’s in-depth time again! It seems like only yesterday that I was wrapping up my cooking project, and now I get to dive into another skill. Now that I have previous experience on what the in-depth project looks like I… Continue Reading →

All the Light We Cannot See Critical Review

When I first picked up All the Light We Cannot See, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Now, after many book club meetings, thoughts, discussions, and reading page after page, I have completed the stories of the lives of… Continue Reading →

Eminent is Over….

When you’re in the moment you just want it to end, but after it’s over you want nothing more than to do it all over again I can’t believe Night of the Notables is actually over!! My speech and learning… Continue Reading →

Gertrude Elion Biblography Very helpful concise introduction biography of Dr. Elion that covers all important points. An autobiography written by Gertrude after winning her Nobel Prize in Medicine. This helped me understand her character and see her life from her point… Continue Reading →

Letter – All the Light We Cannot See

To My Dear Sister Jutta, I am very sorry that I have not been writing to you. Well I have, but not entirely honestly. Let me explain. You remember Fredrick? I’ve written about him before. You would like Fredrick, he… Continue Reading →

Final Speech

Below is the finished version of my Eminent speech as Gertrude Belle Elion! Thank you to everyone who helped me edit it!   Don’t be afraid of hard work; nothing worthwhile comes easily. In my day I was told women… Continue Reading →

Eminent Interview: Not How I Thought It Would Go…

With Night of the Notables fast approaching, I thought it was time that I wrapped up my interview. As my eminent person (Gertrude Elion) was a woman biochemist in a time where it was a hugely male dominated field, my… Continue Reading →

T-minus 9 Days Till Eminent!!

Night of the Notables is fast approaching, but I am so far more excited than stressed for the big night. For my learning center I am creating Gertrude’s laboratory, where I will have chemistry equipment, my microscope, some of her… Continue Reading →

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